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List of UK Producers


This list of producers is to help you search out the many wonderful companies in the UK producing natural cosmetics.  Morning Gorgeous can only stock a certain amount and some companies prefer not to wholesale their products, so we thought we would try to find all the other small businesses around the UK and add them to the list.  If you know of any you can recommend, or would like your company to be added then contact us.

Bee Cosmetics

Made in Horsham, West Sussex, Bee Cosmetics use the honey produced by their own bees, they have a wide range of handmade health benefiting products.

Morning Gorgeous stocks these products.

Earth Conscious

Natural deodorant made on the Isle of Wight.  Plastic free with carboard applicators or easy to use tins. Wonderful for your pits and very long lasting.

Morning Gorgeous stocks these products.  

Fierce Nature

This is a non toxic tallow based skin care range.  The products are handcrafted in the UK using premium and naturally sourced ingredients of Ossa Organic Grass Fed and Organic Tallow for the foundation of their ancestral skin care range.

Handmade Naturals

A large range of natural cosmetics made in Cheshire.  Handmade Naturals have been making their own cosmetics for over 15 years and have a wealth of experience.

Morning Gorgeous stocks these products.  

Love to b

A Mother and Daughter team located near Ringwood in Hampshire have made their own cosmetics for over 12 years.  Believing strongly in the power of taking care of your skin with products that actually feed it what it needs.

Rowdy Kind

Shampoo bars - Hair and everywhere as well as moisturising bars.  Made in Guildford.  Rowdy Kind formulated their gentle shampoo bars with children in mind, but they are great for adults as well!

Morning Gorgeous stocks these products.

The Cornish Seaweed Bath Co.

Based in Penzance in Cornwall the Cornish Seaweed Bath Company have been creating wonderful cosmetics from local seaweed since 2013 and have an extensive range of products providing health benefits from this amazing natural source.

The Organic Alchemist

Handmade in Brighton by Katherine, her bespoke blends draw on years of holistic practice and scientific research.  Harnessing nature’s bounty in natural, organic oils, flowers, herbs, butters and essential oils The Organic Alchemist range includes facial and body oils, creams and masks catering for all skin types

Morning Gorgeous stocks these products.

The Soap People

Handmade in East Sussex with a lovely rustic appeal.  The Soap People use all natural ingredients and formulate their soaps to suit different skin types.

Morning Gorgeous stocks these products.

The Sussex Handmade Soap Company

These wonderful hand crafted soaps are made near Hastings in East Sussex.  With their natural ingredients and beautiful designs, they make a wonderful present or can be enjoyed for everyday use.

Morning Gorgeous stocks these products.

Wild Mint Cosmetics

This London based company specialises in a range of natural cosmetics to help improve troubled skin.  Not made directly by the owners, but by holistic dermatologists and skincare experts, the products are made in the UK using responsibly sourced ingredients & packaging.

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