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                                     Bee Cosmetics


Bee Cosmetics formulate their skincare products using natural plant-based ingredients, combined with beeswax, honey and propolis collected from their hives. They believe in the natural power of plant oils and butters, sourcing the highest quality ingredients to formulate effective skin-friendly products.


The health and growth of UK beekeeping is hugely important. With 20 plus hives scattered across Sussex and Surrey, Bee Cosmetics are bee keepers at heart and continue to promote UK beekeeping.  Bee's are vital for the success of most of the food we eat, they produce surplus beeswax, honey and propolis – a combination of sustainable and natural ingredients packed full of skincare benefits!


Bee Cosmetics create their own formulas and use long-established techniques to produce skincare with the highest natural content possible. The ingredients used with their natural skincare properties are the key to the efficacy of these products.


The range is made in small batches at a maximum of 80 units per batch which allows for hand-crafted attention to detail and reduced waste. Bee Cosmetics do not outsource production, ensuring high standards throughout. They make, package and distribute every single product here in Sussex.
All packaging and product containers are carefully selected to minimise environmental impact. Glass containers are used wherever possible and can be returned for re use, this can be organised through Morning Gorgeous.  Bee Cosmetics clean, sterilise and refill them.   


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